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Free Genesis 1:1 ASL Bible Verse Special Needs Ministry Days of Creation for kids

Genesis 1:1 – Bible Verse with Symbol Supports

Are you looking for an interactive way to teach your child Scripture? These simple and fun activities include visuals, and symbol supports to help children with learning disabilities, ESL/ELL, and children learning to read, to be engaged and excited to learn and plant God’s Word into their hearts. We also included an ASL (American Sign Language) sing-long video for children to sing the Bible Verse. Keep scrolling to download these Bible Verse activities for free.

A few years ago, we started implementing the Royal Kidz Adapted Bible Curriculum in our local Special Needs Ministry. I remember the first time I tried the ASL Bible Verse Sign-Along Video to help a little girl in our Special Needs Ministry. She has Down Syndrome and speech and language delays. I wanted to help her to be engaged and have a different way of learning Scripture that met her needs. She prefers to communicate through ASL, and when I showed her the Sing-Along video, she did not want to stop watching it on the iPad and practicing the sign language. This brought tears to my eyes and so much joy to my heart! As a Sunday School teacher there is no greater joy than planting Gospel truths into the hearts of our children and seeing them excited about building their relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

The Bible Verse ASL videos provide a new way to learn, instead of words, to be engaged and communicate the Bible Verse as well as opening up opportunities to have discussions for singing and spreading sign language awareness to peers who are not deaf or are hearing impaired.


  • Genesis 1:1, NIV Poster
  • 3 differentiated versions (matching, tracing, and fill-in-the-blank)
  • Functional Directions Activity
  • Whole Group cards for kids to work together to put the Bible Verse in the correct order
  • Genesis 1:1, NIV ASL (American Sign Language) Sing-Along video for kids to sing the Bible Verse
  • High Contrast Bible Verse Cards are included

Free Genesis 1:1, NIV – Learn the Bible Verse – Worksheets – (Click the image to download and/or print)

Bible Verse High Contrast Cards

Bible Verse High Contrast Visual Stimulation cards are available in this free download to meet the needs of learners with visual impairments.

Days of Creation Bible Lesson for Special Needs Ministry

Days of Creation Adapted Bible Lesson: Level 2

(Level 2 focuses on Kindergarten and First-grade skills. Learners are given the opportunity to build independence and learn God’s Word at their ability level.)

This resources is also included in:

Adapted Bible Lessons with Symbol Supports: 1-5

Included Material

Supporting Material

Royal Kidz Adapted Bible Curriculum: 

Our Special Needs Ministry resources are designed to provide churches, parents, and schools with Christ-centered adapted Bible resources, tools, and training to help disciple learners of ALL abilities to be engaged while learning God’s Royal Adventure through the Bible. Click here to learn more about our Adapted Bible Curriculum and Scope and Sequence.


Now it’s your turn!

Have you tried this resource? We would love to see how your children are practicing their Memory Verse! Let us know in the comments or tag us on social media at @royalkidzco

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