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Creation Snack Mix Visual Recipe

Immerse your Days of Creation Bible Lesson in a tasty treat with this Creation Snack Mix visual recipe for an enjoyable and functional snack! This fun and simple visual recipe will allow the children in your Special Needs Ministry to easily follow & make craft recipes. Keep scrolling to download this free Visual Recipe and printable tag.

Enhance learning while your child develops skills like vocabulary, following directions, sequencing, fine motor skills, expressive language, basic concepts, and sensory experience through the joy of cooking. Visual recipes are an ideal resource for kids in your Disability Ministry or those in early elementary grades.

A Sweet & Easy Sunday School Snack

This Creation Snack Mix visual recipe is a great way to engage your children in the Days of Creation Bible Story in a tasty way. Your children will love helping you add ingredients to the bowl as you review the Bible Story and wonder about God’s Creation.

This easy treat is a must in your Days of Creation Bible Lesson. I’ve included a printable tag below for the children in your ministry to take their snacks home throughout the week with their families.

What You’ll Need

This Creation Snack Mix has various kids’ snacks to reinforce the Bible story.
(Scroll below to the printable recipe card and tag.)

  • Mini Oreos – light and dark
  • Frosted Mini-Wheats – earth
  • M&M’s – flowers, leaves, and all the colors God made
  • Pretzel Sticks – trees
  • Goldfish – fish
  • Teddy Grahams (or Animal Crackers) – a fun ingredient that the kids will love to talk about the different kinds of animals.

How to Make Creation Snack Mix

This Creation Snack Mix comes together in just 1 minute, or so for a quick and easy Sunday School Recipe. A visual recipe is included to allow children in your Special Needs Ministry to follow & make craft recipes easily.
(The printable recipe card and Visual Recipe is at the bottom.)

  • Combine the ingredients. Go through the Days of Creation. As you go through each day, have students gently toss to incorporate all the ingredients into an extra-large bowl to combine and gently stir. Stir to combine, then dig in and enjoy!

Home Connection

  • You can send these home with your children with a printable tag for children to review the Days of Creation Bible Story with their families.

Creation Snack Mix Visual Recipe and printable tags – (Click the image to download and/or print)

Days of creation snack mix special needs ministry resources royal kidz

Days of Creation Bible Lesson for Special Needs Ministry

Days of Creation Adapted Bible Lesson: Level 2

(Level 2 focuses on Kindergarten and First-grade skills. Learners are given the opportunity to build independence and learn God’s Word at their ability level.)

This resources is also included in:

Adapted Bible Lessons with Symbol Supports: 1-5

Included Material

Supporting Material

Royal Kidz Adapted Bible Curriculum: 

Our Special Needs Ministry resources are designed to provide churches, parents, and schools with Christ-centered adapted Bible resources, tools, and training to help disciple learners of ALL abilities to be engaged while learning God’s Royal Adventure through the Bible. Click here to learn more about our Adapted Bible Curriculum and Scope and Sequence.


Now it’s your turn!

Have you tried this tasty and easy visual recipe? We would love to see your family or ministry using this recipe. Let us know in the comments or tag us on social media at @royalkidzco

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