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Days of Creation Stained Glass Earth Visual Craft

Do you have students in your preschool ministry, kids’ ministry, or special needs ministry who have difficulty with the crafts you use in Sunday school? Are the leaders doing most of the art project? What I have heard from the hearts of families of children with special needs is that they want to see their child can do, not an adult.

I noticed that finding crafts to support the Bible Stories for children with fine motor challenges can be difficult. So, I wanted to provide evidence-based OT intervention strategies for fine motor skills that we implement in my special education classroom to support children in church to have fun and be engaged as they explore their creativity, use their imagination, and build confidence as they develop their arts and crafts skills.

This simple free Stained Glass Earth Visual Craft will make your art time short and sweet for a morning Sunday School class. The visual directions are especially helpful for the children in your Special Needs Ministry who may have a hard time processing verbal instructions and to help build independence. This post includes affiliate links.

This is a fun and engaging activity to do with your little ones to build their creativity and self-expression. This easy-to-follow Earth Stained Glass craft is perfect to reinforce your Days of Creation Bible Story Lesson. Plus, it’s a great way to work on following multi-step directions and improving fine motor skills. So gather your supplies and get ready to create a beautiful Earth stained glass to hang up in a window as a bright and colorful decoration to praise God while standing in awe of His Creations.

Materials Needed

  • Earth Template (see below)
  • contact paper
  • blue and green tissue paper
  • glue
  • scissors

Differentiated art worksheets are available in the free download.

Supplemental Material Ideas

  • Earth Tear Craft: blue and green construction paper (If time is allotted, instead of tissue paper, children can tear the paper to build their hand strength)
  • Paint Craft: blue and green puffy paint (shaving cream and blue and green color dye) We recommend printing the earth template on cardstock paper.

Free Earth Stained Glass Sunday School Visual Craft for Special Needs Ministry with differentiated craft activities – (Click the image to download and/or print)

Days of Creation Bible Lesson for Special Needs Ministry

Days of Creation Adapted Bible Lesson: Level 2

(Level 2 focuses on Kindergarten and First-grade skills. Learners are given the opportunity to build independence and learn God’s Word at their ability level.)

This resources is also included in:

Adapted Bible Lessons with Symbol Supports: 1-5

Included Material

Supporting Material

Royal Kidz Adapted Bible Curriculum: 

Our Special Needs Ministry resources are designed to provide churches, parents, and schools with Christ-centered adapted Bible resources, tools, and training to help disciple learners of ALL abilities to be engaged while learning God’s Royal Adventure through the Bible. Click here to learn more about our Adapted Bible Curriculum and Scope and Sequence.


Now it’s your turn!

Have you tried using Bible Visual Crafts in your Special Needs Ministry? We would love to see your child’s beautiful creations! Let us know in the comments or tag us on social media at @royalkidzco

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