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1. What is your statement of faith?

Our core belief is putting the Good News of Jesus at the center of everything as found in the Holy Bible. We believe in one God, who is eternally existent in three persons–Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We believe Jesus Christ is fully God and became fully man entirely to save a lost world. We believe that the Holy Spirit guides every believer the moment they place their faith in Jesus.

2. How are your resources specialized for children with special needs?

Royal Kidz, Inc. is honored to have partnered with SymbolStix, LLC., an evidence‑based symbol communication tool to ensure EVERYONE has access to learning the Bible with lessons that match their ability levels.  

3. How can the Bible Curriculum for Royal Kidz be used?

Sunday School
Respite Night
Distance Learning
Whole Group
Small Group
Morning Work

4. Does your resources work for online ministry?

Yes! Directions for accessing and using Boom Cards in Boom Learning™, with Google Classroom™, and with Seesaw™. Video tutorials included!

They will see themselves as a valuable piece of God's story and become all who they are created to be in Christ.

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Interactive and adapted Special Needs Ministry resources help your child stay engaged while growing deeper in their faith.

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Our Christ-centered Adapted Bible Curriculum engages the 5 senses and individual learning styles. Choose a format that will meet your learner's specific needs.

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It is easy to use our engaging and adapted bible resources to teach God’s Word.

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